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JSON Formatter: View, Validate and Beautify (Online Tool)

JSON formatter is an online code viewer tool that helps you to validate your JSON code and beautify it to make it readable. it is very useful to debug REST API responses.

JSON Formatter: View, Validate and Beautify (Online Tool)

JSON Formatter

JSON code responses from REST APIs or HTTP APIs are normally minified to reduce the payload size and this simple online tool helps you to format your JSON code with linebreaks and indents and make it easy to read.

It can format any kind of JSON code not only the REST API JSON responses. It also a JSON editor that indicates any error in your code as you type it.

Find some responses from the sample rest api for testing here

JSON formatter tool can be used as the followings:

  • JSON Viewer
  • JSON Validatator
  • JSON Beautifier

JSON Viewer

A viewer is nothing but an embedded web text editor where you have to paste your code.

It has syntax highlighting and section collapsing and expanding options.

JSON VAlidator

The text editor is also a code validator that will show you the errors and warnings at the line number bar of each line that has error(s) right after you paste your code.

It helps you identify the errors and fix before formatting it.

JSON Beautifier

Finally, the JSON formatter tool helps you format or beautify your code to make it look nice for human eyes and increase its readability.

How to Use the JSON Formatter?

Formatting your JSON code can be done simply by following these steps below.

  • Paste your JSON code in the editor above.
  • Check if it has any errors and fix it.
  • Choose your indentation type.
  • Click format button on top of the editor.
  • Once it is formatted, click copy button to copy it to the clipboard.


08/06/2019 - First version of the JSON Formatter tool published.

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