9 Material Design Websites For Design Inspiration

Like I said in a previous post, Material Design has become a popular trend in web design world. Many apps are being developed with Material Design UI. But here are some of the websites that uses Material Design in their UI for your design inspiration.


Material Design

Material Design is a design language developed by Google. These websites are curated after a long research. Some of it is fully based on Material Design (MD), some is partly designed in MD.

You can refer these sites to see the working demo and understand the basic concepts of MD on a live environment.

1) Google Design

design.google.com is all about the various designing techniques behind Google products and much more. If you want some inspiration on Material Design you should definitely checkout this website.


2) Material Design Blog

www.materialdesignblog.com is a blog all about Material Design and development tutorials, update and guides about material design. Whole blog is designed based on material design.


3) Material Up

www.materialup.com also about material design techniques and tutorials. Beautifully designed in material design. Especially the search box and plus menu.


4) Reddit Material Design

www.reddit.com/r/MaterialDesign/ – As you know, reddit is an awesome place to find famous and interesting links shared by users around the world. It has a category called material design it is completely based on material design.


5) m.jetradar.com

m.jetradar.com is basically its a mobile version of the website www.jetradar.com which is completely using material design standars. input fields and animations are too good.


6) Materialize CSS

www.materializecss.com is the home page of materialize css framework. It is actually designed based on material design.


7) Lifeaweso.me

www.lifeaweso.me is a website to share your achievements, moments, memories with timeline based interface. Most part of the website is designed with the inspiration of MD.


8) 1.daily-stock-forecast.appspot.com

www.1.daily-stock-forecast.appspot.com is a web app that gives informations and forecast about stock world. Entrirely designed in MD style.


9) Android Home Page

www.android.com – Home page of Google’s mobile operating system, android. It is designed in MD style.


Refer these websites listed above and get some inspiration about Material Design. If you find a new website that is not listed above and it is good enough to learn the concepts, share it in the comment below. Also if you want any tutorial on MD, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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