Generate QR code with Google QR encoder API Instantly

Hi People, You might have tried to generate a QR code before. Do you know that you can generate QR codes instantly with Google QR encoder API ?

google qr encoder api

This API was initially developed for Google Charts but for instance you can use it to return a 2D QR code image by passing a URL.

Take a look at below:

QR code with simple link


This URL will return an image of a 2D QR code. You can use this URL for src attribute of img tag.

Note the variables sent with URL.

cht=qr – Type of image

chs(width x height) – Dimension of the image in Pixels

chl – link to open when QR code is scanned

Sample QR code image

QR code to send email


In this url we have put an email id for chl variable. This will trigger a mail to function when the QR is scanned.

sample QR code image

QR code to Dial a phone number

SYNTAX URL:×200&chl=tel:7418888668

Note the chl variable. We have put tel:7418888668. This will add this phone number to the dial screen.

Sample QR code image

QR code to send a message to a number

SYNTAX URL:×200&chl=sms:7418888668

Since we put sms:7418888668, this will open a new message to the given number.

Sameple QR code image

QR code for MECARD

SYNTAX URL:×200&chl=MECARD:N:Roshan,Anand;TEL:7418888668;;;;

MECARD will add a contact with the given info to your device.

Sample QR code image

QR code with simple text

SYNTAX URL:×200&chl=void%20Tricks

This is with a simple text. Most of the devices will open a browser for search the given text.

Sample QR code image

That’s it people.

Learn more about Google QR encoder API here‎

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