Yet another feather added to Google’s awesomeness crown. These new Google Chrome instant results are shown right below the address bar, where you are typing; without loading any page. It is pretty handy and really helpful to save time.

Google Chrome Instant Result

What To Do With This

Say, if you are in hurry and you don’t want google to load every time to show your search result. This instant result prediction from Google Chrome helps you in those kind of situations. All you have to do is, type your key word in Google Chrome address bar. And the result of the query will be instantly shown below the address bar.

This is not as same as the omnibox instant search. Because this will not load the web page while you are typing. Although this functionality helps us saving our time, it will not work properly for users with slower internet connection. So the connectivity is the key for using this feature.

Let us take a look at what can be possibly done with this feature.

Finding CEO/Founder of a Company

If you want to know who is the founder or CEO of a particular company you have to type (eg: facebook ceo) in the address bar and the result will be instantly shown below.

Google Chrome Instant Result

Company Details

Predicts company details such as company started date, where is the head office situated etc.. Type (eg: google head office)

Google Chrome Instant Result

To Do Math

You can do mathematical operations such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication etc… in your Google Chrome address bar and get answers instantly. Type (eg: 3+4*2)

Google Chrome Instant Result

Find Measurement Conversions

Convert a value from one measurement to another instantly. Type (eg: 14km = mi)

Google Chrome Instant Resutl

Find The Capitals

Easily find the capitals of a country or a state by typing (eg: capital of india)

Google Chrome Instant Result

Movies / Shows Release Date

Find the release dates of movies, premiere date of your favorite TV show or next episode date of any shows. Just type (eg: big bang theory next episode)

Google Instant Search Result

Personal Details of Famous People

If you want to know the real name of a famous celebrity or what his age or what is their spouse name etc… Type in (eg: katy perry real name)

Google Instant Search Result

Birth And Death Details

Search for birth place, date or death place, date of a famous person by typing (eg: michael jackson born)

Google Instant Search Result

Creators of Famous Works

Find the composer of a famous music, director of a famous film, singer of a song, author of a famous book etc… by typing (eg: fur elise composer)

Google Chrome Instant Result

These are the some of the uses of Google Chrome instant result. There are lots of more queries we can search for. Use this feature to save your time. And if you find a new query, comment below..

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