Using this Email Extractor web app to filter or extract email ids from long text or paragraph easily. There is many separators you can choose from or you can enter your own separator. You can download the output as text and csv files also.

Email Extractor

Email Extractor Start Screen

The below is the blank start screen of email extractor web app.


Basically it has two text boxes. You have to paste your text in the first box and then hit Extract button then the email ids will be extracted in the second box.

Take a look at the sample paragraph with some email ids below.


If you paste text like this in first text box then the output will be like this.


Note the options under both text boxes.


You can choose default separators from the list or you can choose custom separator option which will open another text box to enter your own separator. Once you done click Extract button.


If you enter custom separator the email ids in the output will be separated with the entered separator.


Sort Output

Once the email ids are extracted you can sort it by alphabetically ascending or descending order.


Then you can choose text or csv option and hit Download button to download it as corresponding file formats.

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