You can sync your sublime text editor with your remote server using a simple plugin called FTPSync in order to edit remote files easily from local. Sublime text editor is one of the best code editors. If you have never used it, give it a shot today. Download it from the below link.

Edit remote files

Required Tools


  • Download FTPSync plugin from the github ->
  • If you have downloaded in zip format, unzip and rename the folder to “FTPSync”
  • Open sublime text 3 editor and navigate to Preferences -> Browse Packages…
  • Paste FTPSync folder in this folder and restart the sublime text editor
  • Now FTPSync plugin is installed and you have to configure your FTP connection for your remote server
  • Go to File -> Open Folder menu and select any folder you want sync with your remote server
  • Then go to Preferences -> Package Settings -> FTPSync -> Setup FTPSync in this folder
  • Or just right click on the folder from your left sidebar and select FTPSync -> Setup FTPSync in this folder
  • ftpsync.settings file will be opened in a new tab, change the default ftp connection credentials to your remote server.
    host: '',
    username: 'johnsmith',
    password: 'secretpassword',
    path: '/www/',
  • Save and close the tab
  • That’s it your folder has been synchronized to your remote server. Now you can browse, edit, download or delete your files from your server using sublime text.
  • Simply right click your folder in sidebar and select FTPSync -> Browse here
  • A pop up will be opened with the list of your files from your remote server.
    (note: you may not see any loading indicator but you can see the operation notification in the bottom left corner of the sublime text editor.)
  • Select any file you want to edit and click Download file option. Now the file will be downloaded to your folder and opened in a new tab.
  • Just make your edit and save it. The file will be updated in your server.

It’s very easy. Play on it and Leave your doubts and comments below.

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