DreamHost is definitely one of the top hosting providers in the world. It is cheap and best and reliable hosting service. Whether you want to start a blog or static website or web portal, It will be a good choice. You can use the promo code which you will find below to get $50 offer.


Why DreamHost?

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, It is always been a head scratching job. There are hundreds of thousands of best hosting services out there. You cannot try each one of it. That’s why I wanted to write this post. I have been using many hosting services over these years. And finally I have settled down with DreamHost considering these factors.

  • First of all, DreamHost was voted Best Web Hosting Service by PC Mag for the second straight year. This shows you how popular and trustable it is..
  • Rates are reasonably cheap comparing to other top hosting providers. But the performance is better than others.
  • Famous blogs like www.labnol.org, www.sanwebe.com and many more using DreamHost and given positive feedback over the service. Find here, more testimonials.
  • It provides shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting and managed wordpress hosting which is really awesome for wordpress based blogs.
  • It gives you a free domain name for both monthly and yearly(recommended) hosting plans.
  • You get unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, unlimited domain hosting, 100% uptime (very important) and more.
  • Once you have signed up for a hosting plan you can actually make money by referring other people to DreamHost. You will definitely do it as you will get satisfied with the service.
  • Gives you 24/7 support via live chat, twitter or email.
  • Finally, It won’t give you any false promises. You get what you have been told.

Promo Code for $50

For void Tricks users we give $50 offer on any yearly hosting plan at DreamHost. Even though you can choose monthly plans, I would recommend you to choose yearly plan which will reduce the cost. And with this promo code another $50 will be waived.

Promo Code: VOIDDH50

Go to signup.dreamhost.com and sign up for your account, then choose your free domain name and choose your hosting plan (one year or two year), Then use our Promo code in the money part to waive $50.

Hurry up before offer ends. And start your Dream website on DreamHost.

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