Google Adwords’s keyword planner is really an astonishing keyword research tool but for some reasons you may be looking for best alternative tools for your keyword research. If so, there are many reliable and free tools available online which can replace keyword planner.


Why to Replace Keyword Planner?

I have been using keyword planner for a long time to find best keywords for my niche. But now I have moved on to other keywords research tools for mainly two reasons.

First reason is that the keyword planner is being used by many people at the same time. So most of the time when you click “get ideas” button you will see an error message which says “Our server is busy try again“. Also if you are consistently researching keywords, keyword planner will temporarily block you by saying “we have unusual traffic from your ip“. These kind of things was frustrating.

Another reason is that the keyword planner is designed for the befits of advertisers who can research about high cpc keywords before advertising their products. Even though the keyword planner is amazing, it was not designed for seo keyword research purposes for bloggers and online marketers.

When there is good alternatives available, we can use it instead. So I found these wonderful keyword research tools which can be a good alternative for keyword planner. Tools listed below in no particular order.

1) Keyword Spy (recommended)


Keyword Spy is pretty cool alternative for keyword planner. It has many features. You can filter your target by country which is useful if you are looking for popular keywords in particular countries. It will show, search volumes per month, cpc value, ppc advertisers and more reports for the keyword you searched for.

It will suggest you similar and related keyword phrases and their cpc values. It has some interesting features like, you can view live ads, organic and ppc competitors for the selected keyword.

It is free but there are some limitations for free account. But you can upgrade your account to unlock more badass features

2) SEM Rush


SemRush is pretty much the same as Keyword Spy. It also has country filter, device filter, organic search volumes, cpc value, competitors etc.

Related keywords and phrases functionality is really good in SEM Rush. They provide ad history chart which shows the number of ads shown for the selected keyword over the selected period.

Like Keyword Spy It also has limitations for free account. You can upgrade this also to unlock more features.

3) Bing Keyword Research Tool


Yes, Bing has a keyword research tool if you are unaware of this. The results are based on yahoo and bing searches. It is not suitable for programming related niches.

You can scan multiple keywords at a time. It will show reports for related keywords based on your selected keyword. The small trend chart near each keywords is useful. You can filter your results by country, language etc. You can sort your results by views.

4) Google Trends


You might have heard about this already. You can compare up to 5 keywords to view the average interest over past months. It will show interests chart for the selected keywords by country wise. Also shows interests chart for related queries too..

5) Uber Suggest


Well Uber Suggest may not be a typical keyword research tool but it is useful to find more keyword ideas for your selected keyword. It will show you reports based on top searched queries. You can expand a particular keyword to see more combination of words.

It doesn’t show monthly views or other kinds of reports. But you can select best keyword combinations from this and use it with any of the tools mentioned above to view monthly search volumes and other things.

6) Google Autocomplete

Free 🙂

Google instantly suggests queries as you type on google search. You know, it is based on most searched queries for the region (based on URL you’re visiting)


See in the screenshot. The first two queries are in purple color which means those were previously searched by me (yourself). So you don’t have to consider this. The other keywords are probably the most searched keyword queries of your region. I’m searching in so my results are based on India. If you want you can search in other country urls.

Use this keyword research tools and give your feedback. If you know any tools better than this, you can discuss it in the comment below.

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